flail mower with sidewise shifting EFGCHSM 125 HSM54 GEOGRASS

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Heavy class flail mower (mulcher) with sidewise shifting – EFGCHSM model.

It is equipped with heavy flails that perform very well on barren areas. Its large gearbox allows the mower to be connected to a tractor featuring a higher power. In addition, it is equipped with hydraulic sidewise shifting. This model is also equipped with an automatically tilting hydraulically driven rotary mower module.


  • Primarily as a cleaning machine for viticulture and fruit farming
  • Mowing of all kinds of barrens
  • Mowing of roadsides
  • Mowing of green areas in cities
  • Maintenance of pastures, meadows and recreational scrubland areas
  • Mowing of green areas in parks



  • It can be used in urban areas without any problems because the number of thrown stones and their momentum is very limited.
  • There is no need to collect mulched grass during lawn maintenance if this is repeated quite often.
  • It can also work well in neglected areas where more stones, branches and other obstacles occur.
  • The cut green material quickly turns into humus, and the old grass does not grow back so quickly.
  • It has double protection against damage to the transmission: the flails bounce off a stable obstacle; the belts on the pulleys slip off if the resistance is too high.
  • The gearbox is equipped with a unidirectional clutch.
  • Simple design ensures reliability and low repair costs.


Technical data:

  • Mulcher working width – 125 cm.
  • Width rotary mower – 60 cm.
  • Mass – 428 kg.
  • Minimum tractor power – 25 hp
  • Max. speed – 10 km/h.
  • sidewise shifting - 40 cm
  • Number of V-belts – 3 pcs.
  • Attached to the three-point hitch on the tractor (Category 1).
  • Driven by the PTO shaft mounted on the tractor, 540 rpm.
  • Equipped with intersecting axis gear and clutch.
  • Number flail - 20
  • Adjustable mowing height.


 In addition, you can be certain that our company:

  • Provides a one-year guarantee.
  • Offers servicing and spare parts.